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Free Metals is a new society, constituted in 2006 by a team, who have always operated with good profits in the sector of the metals trading and recycling industry for over 40 years.

The metals mainly dealt with are: copper, aluminium, bronze, brass, stainless steel, Nickel Silver, nickel alloys, titanium, lead, minox, etc..

Our characteristic job is to supply the most important industries of the sector (foundries, refineries) with collected material, attempting to increase the value of it to the best we can, thanks to the technical competence of our collaborators and the aid of our laboratories.

We have to say that, even though the society is of a young constitution, the results, economic and human, have been more than we expected (the monthly average quantity is around 3500 Tons.).

It makes us proud being so successful in such a short time, as to establish commercial relationships with suppliers and clients at high human content, assuring a professional commercial treatment and keeping abreast of the market.

Our spirit of society of “service” drives us to continuously search and constantly adjust our procedures, to anticipate, with concrete proposals, the possible problems of our clients.

In this sense, you should read the investments that we have made and that we will keep on making, to equip us with structures and equipment with a high content of know-how, suitable to satisfy requests in an increasingly demanding and expanding global market.

To such intention, complete satisfaction is also the collaboration undertaken with numerous foreign societies, either for import or export.

In fact, in addition to our traditional commercial relationships with Europe and North/South American, we have increased new company additions, with regards to our relationship with countries of the Middle and Extreme East.

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Our plant

The Free Metals plant is located in the industrial area of Capriano del Colle (Bs), locality Fenili Belasi; it covers a total area of 7,500 SQM, of which covered 3,500 for storage and processing of materials.

Free Metals is attentive to the control of radioactivity of the processed materials, and has in the plant everything necessary to cope with the analysis.


Free Metals SRL offers a full range of services to meet the most diverse needs of our customers. The transportation service is carried out by drivers with specially arranged and fully equipped vehicles. Free Metals S.r.l. offers a complete service, from material pickup, transportation, to storage and processing directly on site.

To enable and facilitate the collection of material Free Metals S.r.l. offers a practical service of roll-off containers. Free Metals S.r.l. has a fleet of dedicated transport trucks to also carry out home pickup of materials. Moving equipment: each stage of moving materials (ferrous and nonferrous) is followed by dedicated ground handling machines and highly specialized personnel.


Metal processing is carried out by experienced and qualified personnel. The goods are handled, separated, and checked for any substandard materials.

Once radioactivity checks and initial processing have been performed, the resulting materials are stacked in the storage area, sorted by type, ready to be processed and/or transported.

The equipment we use is constantly checked and inspected to ensure quality, efficiency and safety for products and workplace.

Analysis laboratory

Free Metals S.r.l. is equipped with portable and stationary laboratories with related induction furnace equipped with centrifuge for material analysis.